"Working with Miles was great! His workouts were always very challenging and his style as a trainer motivated me and pushed me to work hard. His workouts were especially great about incorporating variety with all types of core work, flexibility, strength training and cardio, which kept the workouts interesting and fun!  Can't recommend Miles highly enough."                                                                                                                                                              


-Stephanie G.                        The Boston Foundation

"I met Miles through my 20 year old son, who trained with Miles for many years in preparation for triathlons. I was worried to call Miles at first, because an out- of - shape middle aged mom has little in common with her athlete son. Would Miles be too intense or intimidating?  Absolutely not! Miles is very, very knowledgeable --he developed custom work -outs that were appropriate for my age and fitness level. My progress was amazing! Equally importantly, he is a terrific motivator. He really helped turn around the most lethargic starts! All of my co-workers and friends are part of the "Miles fan club" as we call it. I recommend Miles for both the serious athlete as well as those looking for a path to healthy living- he is a devoted and knowledgeable partner and mentor to all!



"Working with Miles has completely changed my life. I remember going into our first session thinking I was in good shape. I thought that the only thing Miles could do for me was maybe tone me up a little. I was proven completely wrong within three minutes of our warmup. Just after one summer together I looked and began to feel like the person and athlete that I had the potential of being. Because of Miles, my lifestyle has completely changed for the better. Through our three years together Miles has been an incredible mentor, friend, and trainer. He’s helped me experience success in all aspects of my life, not just athletics and exercise. He’s genuinely interested in helping everyone achieve a well-rounded life and it shows in his everyday mantra and persona that he brings to the gym. I am honored to have a friend like Miles and will never be thankful enough for all that he has done for me and the tools he has given me."                                                  



"Miles and I began our journey with a continuation of my ACL rehabilitation. The simple goal I had was to strengthen my knee so that I could get back to playing soccer.  At the start of our sessions my upper and lower body strength was elementary to say the least. I was negative and destructive through internal criticism and self-doubt. Miles helped spark my fiery rebirth. He used his passion for life and experience in strength and conditioning to help me overcome my physical and mental obstacles. I am stronger than I ever could have imagined and I am back to playing the sport I love. In the two years that Miles and I worked together, along with becoming physically stronger than ever before, I have completely redefined myself into the person I have always wanted to become. Miles has been more than a coach to me. He is a true friend who I can confidently say has helped me open a new chapter in my life. I am now reading more, eating cleaner, I am exercising every day, and I am realizing my true identity. My whole life has changed because of Miles. I owe these next years of happiness to an amazing person and even better life friend. "



"The lessons I have learned from Coach Miles are not just applicable in my workouts but can apply to my everyday life. Coach provided motivation to improve all aspects of my wellbeing. Even when I was injured and could not participate in his workouts, he still offered counseling to help me deal with my injury and become stronger from it. In the gym, Coach is supportive and respectful but also is not afraid to push me out of my comfort zone and motivate me to be the best that I can be. He is an expert at offering technical advice about my form when I need it and he constantly pushes me to work harder, run faster, do more. You can tell that when you work with Coach, he not only cares about you getting a good workout, but he cares about you improving all aspects of your life—and he is ready to offer the support and motivation for you to do so."


"Miles was everything I could have wanted in a coach.  He was supportive when I needed support and tough on me when I needed motivation.  Outside of the gym, he became a very important friend and mentor to me.  He’s an extremely compassionate, kind, and thoughtful person. His love for life and training is contagious.  I would wake up in the mornings actually looking forward to workouts- mostly just so I could spend time with Miles.  With Coach Miles, I lost 25 pounds in one Summer.  I really don’t think I could have achieved those results with anyone else. If you are considering training with Coach Miles, just do it.  He will get you in the best shape of your life and help you grow as a person in the process!"