Purpose of this book: To awaken people to how amazing their life is. To give them a new appreciation and love for themselves, their lives, and everything and everyone around them. To jolt them out of auto pilot and into awareness. To spread happiness, compassion and love throughout the world. Not only by aiding those who read this book, but through the actions and influence of those who have. If this book helps one person live a happier life it has fulfilled its purpose. I hope this book to be like a drop of happiness landing on calm water, sending a ripple effect endlessly outward to many. I’d like this book to shed light on the true purpose of living and to show people that there is a different way to live. A way of happiness, compassion, love and endless fun.


Chapters and Topics:




Truth of Living and Meaning of Life


Caring for your mind:

Meditation and Mindfulness


Spiritual Discovery/ travel


Caring for your body:



Resistance training

Cardiovascular exercise



Daily Living


Stop and Smell the Roses


Introduce Yourself to the Present Moment


Interaction With Loved Ones


Interaction with People


Love to Love


Evolution of Humanity






-Ideas and ideologies

-Day Plan: Daily tasks and checklists

-Weekly tasks and checklists

-Unique Homework assignments

-Daily Habit Breakers

-Guided meditations (written and verbal on site)

-Research and data clearly shown and explained

-Stretching routine and guidelines

-Rolling routine and guidelines

-Resistance training routines and guidelines

-Cardio training guidelines

-Nutrition programs and guidelines

-Work book

-Positivity crew




Go to bed 30 min earlier, wake up 30 min earlier. 


Introduce yourself to one new person a day


Call one person you love and havn’t talked to in awhile once a week (ex. Every


Sunday night call a family member or old friend)


Give 3 true compliments everyday


Look in the mirror and think that you’re perfect and beautiful, then say it




















Life on earth is one of the many universities of spiritual existence. We come to this planet as spiritual beings to have a human experience in which we can grow, learn, and absorb life’s difficult lessons that otherwise we could not be afforded. We will have many lives and each of these lives is to be used as a step towards ultimate knowing and enlightenment. Each life contains different lessons and tasks to be accomplished by the end of that “term”. If you fail to accomplish these goals you will once again work on the same failed task in another life, though if you succeed and over come your obstacles and learn your lessons, that knowledge will be with you for eternity.

The general purpose of life is to grow, and to grow towards the divine, to enlightenment, to ultimate love and compassion. Within this definition it should be know that each live has different lessons, and there can be many more than one. 

The way to level up is to become a better teacher. To realize true living is living for others. To help others. to help others love themselves and love this world. Each level in the spirit world is just a different form of "teacher" or aid to others. Learn true happiness and enlightenment, and through that aid others in arriving there. 

Ive been given gifts in order to share that gift with others. Ive been given lessons in order to learn from them, and one day be able to share that lesson as a gift to others. 

The universe is a school. 

The earth is a classroom. And each life is a single session, filled with a bountiful amount of lessons. 






Its not standing up holding everything, juggling thought and balancing. 

Its dropping everything youre holding and sitting down and just sitting. 

Not trying to supress thoughts but simply putting no energy into your mind. Allow the top of your brain to fold down and shut down. No energy to the brain, all goes within.

Then, you experience true meditation, and peace. 


Allows me to appreciate whats going on right now. Preventing me from in the future saying "wow that was great, i miss it, and didnt fully appreciate it while it was occuring.  


Look at your life, thoughts, and emotions objectively.


Signs youre on auto pilot:

Mind wandering

Lack of attention

Oblivious to surrounds

Bad short term memory

Forgetting where you put something down (coffee, paper etc)

Forgetting what you were going to do


Mind wandering causes unhappiness. Ted talk. Meditation

Matt killingsworth




Multiple times a day, Stop trying to do something, stop trying to be something. Instead, just be. No trying. 

Ex Dont go straight from reading or emailing in bed, to trying to fall asleep. Instead, pause after you put down what youre doing and be silent. Then, turn the light off, and be silent. Let your mind and body be silent together while you introduce and soak yourself in the moment. Then, close yours eyes and allow your body to sleep. At this point there may not even be a need to "try". 


Puppy and a bag of chips

Imagine sitting with a puppy, having him or her sit next to you, while you sit indian style facing eachother. 

we'll say her names nala, because that's my puppies name, and you let nala smell the chips. Then feed her one and observe how she acts. Notice how long she chews, if the joy is sustained or not, and how quickly she swallows and wants another. 

Then, slowly grab another chip and lift it, bring it close to your face and smell it, observe it, notice all of its qualities. Touch, smell, see, hear, and then eventually but slowly, put it in your mouth. Dont immediately chew, but notice what the first taste is with it on your tong, then slowly begin to chew. Make the goal tasting as much as possible, enjoying as much as possible, and not rushing the enjoyment but instead making it last as long as possible. savor it, and then when you swallow take a moment to think about how good that single chip was. 

Then, grab another chip slowly and feed it to your puppy. Notice again how quickly and hastily the puppy eats it, swallows and wants more. This demonstrates the difference in "mindfulness" capabilities between Humans and all other animals. The only thing is, most humans are so unmindful, they eat, and live, just as if raised in the wild. Not stopping to enjoy life, and be fully aware of it in the moment. 

Now when you've finished the bag of chips, observe the empty bag. Show the puppy as well that the bag is empty. 

See their reaction, feel and notice your reaction, and then lots ponder what is the most important between you, the chips, and the puppy. 

1. Not who ate the most chips, but who spent the longest time during the snack, actually enjoying it, and

2. How deeply, and how thouroghly did they enjoy it. 

3. Which one of you can keep the happiness and satisfaction you experienced during the chips with you the longest. 



When I was a kid all we did was live in the moment. 

The generation of young kids with iphones is going to lose the ability to live fully in the moment. 

No attention span, mind always wandering to something else. 

Laughter will decrease, genuine smiles with decrease.. 

Chronic unhappiness and depression will increase







Spend as much time living as possible. Always work towards learning and improving yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically. Ask yourself at the begining of the day what you will do to improve, at the end, ask how you are better for tomorrow. If all youve done at the end of the day is made a buck and stared at screens, you have failed the day and left an opportunity idle. 

Its all a game. This was created for us as a teaching ground






When we stop spending so much money fighting eachother, we will be able to feed everyone. Save time, money and effort and spend it towards people in need. One planet, one people.

Do we need an alien invasion in order for us to come together and create a unified planet. Why would it take a common enemy in order to bring everyone together, why not a common goal. Is the ultimate goal to have ubiquitous happiness and health on earth?

Eventually the categories of the world such as separate countries, nationalities and races will dissolve. We will no longer have a need to classify each other in order to subconsciously file them under “other” or “not one of us”, we will all become one people. The ultimate truth is that we are all humans and inhabitants of the same earth. If we come together and practice this truth it could end much of the useless suffering in the world. The end of war, genocide, “severe” poverty, starvation, homelessness and a countless other travesties in the world.


A love of all beings. Naturally organically


The majority of the time man has inhabited this earth it has not been "divided" up into countries and states. It was simply the earth and seperate continents. Man will eventually evolve back to this notion, as they become one people, and in return, it will bring an end to starvation, homelessness, poverty, genocides, war, racism, corrupt politics and many other negative aspects of current human life. 

This will occur after mainly two occurances. This first occurance, is that over the next millenia all types of human races will become so mixed with another that we will all inherently and genetically recognize eachother as equals, and members of the same tribe. The other occurance is an increase in the general human populations mindfulness levels. Over the next millenia mindfulness training, meditation, yoga, and other mind and body training methods will become increasingly more of the populations daily routine. It will become the norm to meditate everyday. As much a part of life as eating and brushing our teeth. 

General happiness will rise, and this is when a sharp decline in crime will occur. Things such as murder, rape, torture, and many other atrocities will cease to being large issues. The amount of people that are raised well, with good parents, and in happy homes, in a generally positive and safe environment, will drastically increase. Humans will begin to care about complete strangers, not randomly, but consistently. Much like in a state of emergency when perfect strangers will sacrifice their lives for eachother, humans will openly, mindfully, consciously, feel and express love for eachother. Humans will see eachother with new eyes. No longer viewed as a threat, humans will learn to coexist happily, and positively. 

Children will no longer be taught "Don't talk to strangers"

They will be encouraged to engage with all others, especially with those with wisdom and experience that have many things to teach. For example our elderly. 

The human experience will change, it will shift. The earth will become a more spiritual place. mindfulness and meditation will become a shared practice, as well as mass gatherings of love and celebrations. The earth will know true peace. 

Instead of churches, mosques, temples, and other religious places of worship, beautiful buildings will be built for public mindfulness practice. For communities of support and love. Religion may still be followed and practiced, but not blindly followed or misused. Religion will cease to block a truth of life that the human experience is just as real, and important for each of us. That we are all one people. 


A shortcut to the one earth community would be an extraterestrial attack on the earth, where all humans must come together with a common goal. To save one another and the planet. I dont see this happening though. I see extraterestrials becoming partners with us in the universe. Once man has not learned to be so destructive, violent, and hostile towards eachother, we will also cease these negative actions with animals, the planet, and all other beings that exist in the universe. We will approach the unknown with an open and positive mind until it proves otherwise. 







Trip theory: it is possible to have a positive effect on every situation. 

-attitude towards the situation and its constituents 

-chosen response to stimulus


Cars vs humans theories. When driving cars have people in them. Eric forgeting that. People forgettig people, stranger can be friends. Not just in the way























Experiences not posessions




Kids should be learning meditation and healthy lifestyle classes from elementary school on. We need to teach mindfulness to our youth. 


Life is the most beautiful all of art. Everything around us was created by something or someone. If we can look at this creation with the same eyes of wonder that we look at beautiful art pieces then we will truly experience the world with the wonder it deserves.






In meditation, when thinking occurs, "let it go" or "no"


Better to fail at doing it right then to succeed at doing it wrong


Be positive because its the only way you can affect others positively. Negativity only breads negativity. 

Positive for your life and happiness, but also for everyone you touch. 



Were taught to fear strangers

"Dont talk to strangers" ever since we could talk. One of the first things we're taught

One of the secrets to true happiness is realizing that every other persons life experience is just as real as yours, and just as meaningful. Things brings true altruism, empathy, and happiness into youre life. 

Stranger is a silly word with a negative conversation. If we all looked at strangers as future friends and loved ones, we would all benefit greatly. 


We perish because of lack of wonder, not lack of wonders

Discover. Open your eyes to whats out there. Search for it. and eventually be able to find it in everything b


Mindfulness and meditation is like a cold pool on a burning hot summer day, or a hot tub in a snow storm. It relieves you from stress of the external world and reminds you how to enjoy it. It not only does this while you and meditating, but the more mindful you become, the more this coolness or warmth carries with you in life. Like a popsicle, or a blanket. 


CHAMPS (documentary)

End of movie quote by tyson and holyfield on life

"Look at all the good we have around us. Look how amazing life is and we got it for free"


How often are you doing nothing? Literally sitting and doing nothing. Just being. Conscious time doing nothing. Being where you are?

Not often enough. 

Live in the moment with no purpose other than to observe it and enjoy it, with no preconceptions or misunderstandings. Not through thinking but feeling using all of our senses. No judgement whatsoever, but noticing all, and being very aware of the brilliance in life. It is all around you. 


Thoughts and emotions should not control you, you should control them. They should be of use to you. 


The easiest way to stay in the moment, to be present, attentive, alert, and aware of the magnitude of whats surrounding you, is to both physically and verbally start appreciating the best of someone, something, around you. 


Express how you feel. Research your emotions.  let feelings of happiness, pride, joy, and love rise to the top and begin to over flow into your voice. 


Treat everybody like a teammate


"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

--Maya Angelou



How will I be remembered?


What will my legacy be?


How is it possible to be remembered and have a positive lasting effect on generations to come? Write a book!


Lifes phases and emotions are like a bouncy ball on a floor, it has to bounce low to bounce back up high. The trick is to raise the ground, so the lows are never as low, and the highs keep getting higher and higher. Another words raise your baseline happiness, what you reset back to everytime after events occur. 



Enjoy life with windows down and windows up. Enjoying in your head, listening to your inner music and gift. And enjoying whats around you


Next bite mentality. Put the food down and appreciate what youre experiencing. Life. Spend time enjoying. 


"If youre in a rush its like always missing the ending of the song. The finally. A lot of times the best part."  Park your car, allow the song to finish while you simply sit there and be in the moment. realize you have arrived. Installed moments of mindfulness throughout the day. Also when you walk out the front door in the morning  


Be concious of the first thing you say everyday. Not only that, be concious of the first thing you do, and the first thing you think. This will all control the first emotion you have, and largly dictate the rest of the ones that day to follow


As human beings, our biggest asset is time, not money. Dont focus on making money focus on making a difference. Focus on becoming happy. If time is our biggest asset it also makes it our most important and precious investment. Be concious of what you invest your time in, and ask yourself "do i want to be invested in this" , "is that what i want to do with my short period of time i am on this earth". "Is this helping inprove my life in some way"

Through this we can see the detrimental effect spending too much time on technology can have. Use technology to your benefit, for its most important, convenient purposes, and then spend your time enjoying all of the benefits of being present in life. Present in the moment. The sweetest things in life, where the most beauty is hiding, are in the simple things. Not just the thing to catch your eye. If you are present in the moment there is no way you could ever find a screen in your house more beautiful than what awaits you out your front door step. 


The path of least resistance is rarely the best path. 


Pressure is a priveldge. 


Failing is succeeded, because you tried and learned. The only three ways to fail are not trying, giving up, and not learning anything. 


Quality always over quantity


Its not so much about being nice as it is DOING nice things for people, actions, not just words. Altruistically, though now that i think about it, is there a such thing as altruism? If you are committing a kind act, isnt the greatest thing to receive friendship? Love? Making the world a happier place?


Compassion! The secret to true happiness. ted talk on podcast "just a little nicer". Golden rule. Treat everyone with compassion. Everyone!


Number one decider in showing compassion---> rushing or not.  Never rush! Be present. 



Always trying to do something, or busy doing something. Either trying to get there, trying to accomplish something... When is there no trying.. Just being and enjoying whats happening right now



The world, aka people on this planet, are still evolving. These constant wars, and fighting over territory and beliefs is still do primal. We are coming to a new age where humans must continue to evolve and reach a new level consciousness. Not about money or power, but about living together peacefully. My vision is one "planet", dissolving all countries into one, with a large governing body. The main benefit I see here is the void of need for war, with this void, the money wasted on preparing and executing wars can go to helping people, feeding and housing. The whole world working together can accomplish any goal. Many of the issues and worries we have is due to countries competing, not working together. We much realize we are all in this together, we are all connecting, both as humans and as inhabitants on this planet. 


Put your fork down:

Your eating life,

Mindfulness is like putting your fork down while chewing and enjoying what it tastes like, 100% appreciating it, being mindful of this bite. Not just rushing to swallow and constantly sizing up the next bite. Before you know it the plates empty and you barely tasted the fruits of life. 


All mindfulness is about enjoying the present moment for what it is, not thinking, judging, or using your emotions to cloud what is, but rather to absorb everything that it has to offer. One of my favorite quotes from mindfulness teachings is "Thoughts are just small clouds in the big sky of your mind", once you can remove yourself from these thoughts and not let them cloud up your sky, block your sun, you have taken a huge step. Any mindfulness practice will help you on your endeavor. Meditation is what you need, not necessarily books, but practicing training your attention to the present moment. Therefore when your mind is wondering, lost in thoughts of worry, stress, a need for control etc, you can recognize it and bring yourself back to the moment you are experiencing. Nothing is greater than enjoying where you are and who youre with.





- seeing reality exactly as it is


Why meditate?

- increase awareness to whats within you, whats around you, and whats happening to you


True meditation:

Not trying to meditate, not forcing anything, just simply being. Your mind has been running all day, all night, thought to emotion, rushing between the two. Much like your body, allow your mind to sit, to call a time out and say im going to stop running, im going to take a break. Then your mind and your body will both be sitting, at the same time in the same place, and it will be a glorious place to sit. Then when you open your eyes again it should be as if your coming back to earth, awakening to your life again and seeing everything around you with new eyes.


Meanings of life:


1. Happiness. Spreading it, experiencing it, seeking it, befriending it.


2. The people surrounding you. True living is living for others, we all are interconnected, especially the people in the room with you and the people who are dearest to you.


3. Giving to others, especially those mentioned above. Give more than you planned to.


4. Being in the moment. Right now is where the magic is. The fruit of life is ripe in the present moment, enjoy it, feast on the moment.


5. Getting everything you can out of each moment


6. Love. Most importantly loving. Love people, places, experiences, foods, laughter… the more things you love the better, and the more these things know you love them, even better. Express it, don’t hold it in.


7. Appreciate Everything. Just like a flower smells the sweetest when it is up to your nose and you are concentrating on it’s beauty, so is life.


8. Making everything better the more it comes in contact with you. You should be a positive influence on everything you touch.


9. Sharing laughter.


10. Enjoying the most sacred parts of our world, the earth, nature, humans, exercise and movement, jumping and swimming, love and friendship, things that were in no way invented or altered by humans but things that are here to be enjoyed, appreciated, experienced, and loved.


11. Attaining knowledge and wisdom and spreading them with kindness and empathy.


12. Helping others without judgment or personal gain.


13. Realizing life’s impermanence, everything is always changing, flowing and in motion. The more you come to grips with this the happier you will be and the easier it is to live a peaceful life. Do not miss what has gone and do not fear what is coming, appreciate what has been and be excited for what will be but most importantly concentrate on what is right now and experience all of its beauty. Do not spend time in grasping or aversion.



14. “Family and friends are hidden treasures, seek them and enjoy their riches” – Dalai Lama


15. When your life is added up, the sum is not equivalent to what you have owned, how much you have had, what’s on the wall or what’s in your pockets, it will be who you touched and how, what you were able to do with what you personally were given, how many people lived better because of you, how many smiles you created, how much you loved, the moments you experienced and who you got to experience them with. This is true living.


16. “Everything you’re looking for lies behind the mask you wear”

–Dalai Lama


17. Absolutely nothing is promised.


18. Life is a gift for you to open.


19. Not everybody has the same gifts, do not be envious and do not gloat, be at peace and appreciate everything how it was meant to be.


20. You are the chosen one in your life, you are the tool, use it to make the world a better place in your significant way.


21. There is no such thing as a mistake only what you did and didn’t do.


22. Seek opportunities and seize them. The world is yours. Life is not out to get you, you are out to get life.


23. Strangers are future friends, future lovers, future colleagues, even future family, open your heart to the world, know the truth of your life and what you are living for. Everything around you tells you to chase money, to make it and spend it as soon as possible, this is what the government, big companies, and everything tied into the economy wants, money is what drives these things, money should not be what drives you, money is an invention of man to support a complex system of exchanging goods, with this invention most people have forgotten how to exchange things like kindness, love, compassion, altruism and happiness with their fellow human beings. Everybody is one, all things are tied into everything around them. Earth is inhabited by only one creature that has trouble existing together. Imagine if everybody could just share, care for another as much as they care about themselves, understand that we all are one and true living is living for others. It takes people until a life and death situation to realize they would risk their lives for a perfect stranger.







24. Be patient and work hard.


25. All negative emotions and thoughts are poison to your mind and body. Be positive and optimistic.


26. You are the chosen one in your life, not because you are better than anybody around you, but because you are the tool in which to make everybody better around you. Is there a better gift than being able to say somebody lived a better life because of you.


27. Actively censor your thoughts, do not believe everything you think or everything you feel. Observe your thoughts and emotions objectively and pick and choose who you want to be. Take advantage of the space between stimulus and response and take control of yourself. Be who you want to be. Wake up every morning and sit still for 5 minutes. Clear your mind and breath, get excited for living another day, and immediately be thankful for waking up at all, this is not promised. Think of the gifts you are waking up to. It may be being healthy, having a roof over your head and a bed to sleep on, friends, family, a spouse, kids, legs that work, eyes that see.. etc in that moment try to take nothing for granted. Then throughout the day live it knowing that nothing is promised. None of these things, not even your life. So appreciate them now, for there will never be another moment other than now to realize and enjoy what you have.


28. Excitement. Experience new things, especially things you know you will never get another chance to do.


29. Everything around you. Open your eyes like it’s the first time. The secret is not finding new things to look at, it’s finding new eyes in which to view the world.


30. The purpose of your life is to grow and learn from it. You have lessons to be learned in this life. Each challenge and obstacle is simply a teaching tool for you to improve yourself. Every lesson learned will stay with you for eternity.